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Plug & Play Energy Storage


powerQuad has the only Plug & Play energy storage to get your business on the path to Net Zero carbon quickly and smoothly. 

How it works


Just by changing the way you access your energy we can reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bills. All this is done automatically in the background without you noticing anything.


Looking to decarbonise and reduce costs at the same time? Our plug and play energy storage system is flexible enough to work around your business. We work with energy mangers, facility managers and business owners to help identify and communicate the benefits of decarbonisation. We are with you from discovery to installation to help you realise your net zero ambition.

Public Sector

Do you need someone who can be with you each step of the way on your journey to net zero carbon? We can help you discover which assets will benefit most and help you through discovery to installation using our unique energy storage system. We work with public bodies sectors from Councils to Universities to start decarbonising now.


Green Energy


Our smart energy storage system will always find the greenest energy possible for your business, even if you don’t have solar panels. 

Carbon Reduction


By storing and using the greenest energy available for your business, we can reduce your carbon footprint. Carbon reduction is monitored, recorded and easily viewed using our suit of app, helping you comminute your achievements.

Cost Reduction


powerQuad’s smart energy storage system will identify and use the cheapest energy available to your business automatically. Helping you to avoid energy use at peak times and reduce the cost of your energy use.

Energy Security


Avoid the worry of down time by protecting your business from power cuts. With powerQuad automatic backup power comes as standard to give you piece of mind.