The Smarter Way to Store Cheap, Green Energy

 powerQuad stores the cheapest electricity available, anytime, everytime.

Store Electricty, Save Money

Storing solar or low cost tariff electricity from the grid, in powerQuads smart energy system, to use when and how you need it most.

Maximise Green Energy

Maximise your use of renewable energy, by accesing off peak energy and capturing unused solar.

Optimised for You 

Take full avantage of cheaper energy. powerQuad automatically stores and provides you with the cheapest electricity available. Even in a powercut.

Hassle Free App

See your energy usage in real time and dig deeper into your useage only if you want to. All features are controlled by our handy app.

powerQuad for Home

Store low tariff mains or your free solar, and shift your energy demand to maximise your green energy.  A smart solution for your smarter home.

powerQuad for Businesses

We offer a selection of modular products for businesses for your change to a lower cost, more sustainable outlook