powerQuad | Portable Battery Power



The power to deliver cleaner, greener portable energy.


powerQuad is the green, clean, silent battery alternative to polluting generators




powerQuad offers a practical way to deliver greener temporary power.


No messy diesel to deal with, no smoky exhaust fumes and no need to refuel.


You won’t be disturbed or interrupted by the drone or rumble of a diesel engine.


Compact and rugged – easier to position even outdoors and less cabling.

Portable Power

If you’re struggling to power your event sustainably or are having difficulty getting temporary power where you need it, we can help you move away from polluting petrol and diesel generators – with clean, silent, mobile power wherever it’s needed.


Back-up power

Every business is unique. We have developed the only plug-and-play energy storage system that is flexible enough to keep up with your business.

Custom Solutions

Innovation is at the heart of powerQuad. Our experts will help you solve your power and battery challenges. Need something specific or unusual? We’re with you all the way.


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