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Carbon & Energy Audits


We help you understand your energy usage in terms of cost, carbon and the future – The only real way you can be on a net zero journey and release the full potential of your business.

Renewable energy is better, but why?

Energy Investment Strategy


An energy report shouldn’t just tell you your energy costs and carbon footprint. We’ll help you discover what renewable solutions work for your business and crucially, why and how they help.

Our energy and technology experts help you on every step of your net zero energy journey. We know how difficult it can be to see the answer in amongst all the green hype.
Having confidence in your investment strategy gives you the confidence to tell your customers and suppliers where your business is going.


Whether you’re an organisation with one asset or a large organisation with multiple assets a powerQuad energy audit will answer those difficult questions so you can reach your sustainability targets and goals in a manageable and meaningful way.


Every business is unique, and so is its energy consumption.

Public Sector

The pressure for public sector organisations to reach net zero targets is growing. We know the difficulties faced in getting proposals through, and the fear of rejection that a project isn’t value for public money. Having the right tools, the right assessment and the right report, can make those sleepless nights disappear. We Recognise the wider benefits to community, and social responsibility in clean growth.


Carbon Reduction


Understand your carbon footprint fully, have confidence that year on year your improving the impact you have on the environment. Set yourself achievable goals. Stand out from the crowd.

Cost Reduction


Don’t just save on your energy costs, look to create a revenue stream too! Build an energy benefit across all your assets or work with other businesses in your supply chain.

Investment Plans


First and foremost it is crucial you understand what an investment in low carbon technology will do for your businesses.

Clear Expert Advice


Be confident in your strategy. Be confident in the technology you deploy and the benefits it brings to achieving your goals. Net zero does not need to be difficult.