powerQuad for Your Home

With or without solar, the easiest way to save money on your energy bills

Rain or Shine

With or without solar, the easiest way to same money on your energy bills

All in one

All in one soultion, which looks great

Reduce your bills

Immediately reduce your electricity bills, and your impact on the environment, with little change to your day to day life

Peace of mind

Store the cheapest tariff, store your solar or wind. Take your home off grid with backup power.

Optimised for you 

Use our ground breaking AI to automatically store the cheapest grid energy or your free renewables.


Retrofit your home with the easy to install powerQuad and begin your renewable & sustainable life NOW

Weatherproof for use outdoors

powerQuad for homes are waterproofed for use outdoors and can be moutned externally saving you space.

Smart Energy Storage

powerQuad is the only truly smart energy storage system, designed to take completely control of your electricity supplier and provide you with the cheapest energy for the longest periods.

By storing the lowest rate tariff, or free local solar you can cut your electricity bills by 60%*

Shift your peak energy usage.

Back Up Power

With powerQuad you have control over your electricity. Configure your powerQuad, set prioritiy levels to keep critical equipment powered during a power cut.

Keep the lights and internet on!

Protect yourself from powercuts NOW

Accessorise your powerQuad

Connect to Infra Red heating panels, wind turbines or solar. Integrate automatically to existing or new green time of use tariffs.


Our free interactive app gives you full control about your energy usage, how you can save energy and realise the cost of future savings. 

Identify your energy savings throughout your home, to save more!

Share your energy savings tools, tips and techniques.