Smart power, made simple


Meet Gil and Paul, co-founders of powerQuad – an award winning renewable technology company.


Gil and Paul met in 2012 whilst working together in the power industry, they bonded through a love of taking things apart and all things engineering. Both have a drive for reliable, sustainable products, both are core to our products.


powerQuad was born out of the simple truth; the way our energy is generated and distributed is fundamentally inefficient, which inevitably costs individuals and businesses money, they set out on a mission to provide access to cheaper, renewable energy for everyone when it’s needed most.

Our Misson & Values

A Cleaner Greener World

Climate change is a real emergency for us all.  The scientific evidence speaks for itself.  Transition to a zero carbon society will take time, but will benefit us all.  We are here help in the drive to a net zero carbon world by bringing you the best and most intelligent energy storage solutions to maximise on cheaper greener energy. This is our core engineering focus – products that bring us a cleaner, greener world.  The worst affected by the extreme climate are the poorer in society, we are driven to help everyone in our society.

Helping us all live more sustainably 

Our products and services for sustainable energy are for everyone, both homes and businesses.  We are committed to maximising the savings you will benefit from through using a powerQuad product. Our long life products give you a sustainable future of zero carbon energy generation without the lifestyle changes.

Keep it Simple

All our products are single installation soultions.  With powerQuad, your transition to a net zero carbon life is easy. Easy installation and easy to use.

Why we are here 

Our energy is constantly being produced in different volumes at different times. Large generating plants never switch completely off and this means there is frequently more energy being produced than there is demand for. Surplus energy that isn’t stored is lost, this results in the planet’s limited resources being wasted.   We must act now to reverse this environmental harm.

Renewable energy production, while absolutely the future of our energy needs, also has its weaknesses. Both solar and wind generation have different peak generating periods, we can’t store the sun, but we can store the energy it produces to fully harness at a later date. 

Renewable energy and battery storage is now the cheapest form of energy, our products bring this to everyone, at home or at work.

Our powerQuad units automatically identify the cheapest energy available, they maximise the batteries and provide you with the sustainable, green, cheaper, smarter energy.

Why us?

We provide the solutions to the problem, in simple, automated, cost effective products, that are designed to reduce your energy bills by storing low cost energy from the grid and/or renewable energy sources enabling you to use your energy how and when you want.  With powerQuad you are protected from powercuts, keeping your home or business operating.

Our smart powerQuads offer full flexibility on the best tariffs available.  Maximising on the local renewable generation, the cheaper tariff periods or time of use tariffs you are protected from the higher cost peak demand energy costs. 

All your savings are accessible through our easy to use App, view your energy, savings and take control of your powerQuads, quickly and simply.

The rising CO2 is happening lets reverse this together now!

Our Partners

powerQuad partner with a range of organisation that match our drive for Clean Energy, tackling low income homes and strive to bring the best technology and products to reducing CO2, and improving efficiency. If you fit with our ethos and would like to talk about partnerships please contact us here.